Looking for customization, How can we help?

At Profit Tools we understand that every trucking operation is different. Even operations that are similar in their size and the types of services offered can vary greatly in their work flow and business processes. Our flexible software allows us to be able to configure aspects of our application to fit your company's individual needs.

Custom Screen Views

A wide range of screen views are provided with the software, however, you may choose to have us set up custom screen views that fit your unique requirements. Have dispatchers that are used to seeing information displayed in a certain way? Our trainers and technicians will work with you until we have designed a dispatch board that allows you to see the info you need all in one place!

Custom Forms and Documents

With Profit Tools you don't have to worry about manually typing up invoices, delivery receipts, rate confirmations etc., the software takes care of all that for you. While we do supply a wide variety of templates for you to choose from, our software is designed for you to be able to create your own. Have certain documents you are working with now?

Profit Tools will design your new documents to look identical to your existing ones!

Custom Management Reports

A variety of standard reports are provided in our Report Library, as well as options for users to extract and manipulate data using Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, and Infomaker. Profit Tools will create custom reports to your specifications, or we can train you to create your own using Excel templates.

Profit Tools TMS Professional Services - Custom Forms and Documents

Integration Services

Our technical staff has a wide range of experience in mapping input and output data for use with EDI transactions or connections to other software systems. Some applications may also require priority development.

Profit Tools TMS Professional Services - activeT.R.A.C.


activeT.R.A.C. is an add-on to Profit Tools that provides online customer service for your clients.

Your customers can log in to activeT.R.A.C. to view shipment status, view, download or print documents, submit rate requests and load tenders, and more.

activeT.R.A.C. is an out of the box solution and many companies do not require customization; however, the product can easily be customized to reflect specific graphic or informational requirements.