Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1.) Did you know that you can have a 30 day trial of any of our modules? Test drive the module, determine the value of the module to your business, and then decide whether to purchase or turn it in. For a complete list of available modules visit our website and click on the Products heading. Any questions regarding any of these products please contact your trainer.

2.) What's new in the Profit Tools application? You can now drag and drop events in the itinerary! This will allow you to quickly move and insert events in the itinerary as an alternative to using the clipboard. Customers on support - for more what's new information visit the Customer Support section of our web site (located under the Contact heading).

3.) The interface to PCMiler version 25 is now "certified". If you have an older version of PCMiler (versions 22 and prior are not supported by ALK) you will want to upgrade.  If you rate your freight, or pay your drivers by the mile, you should look into a trial version of our auto rating module. Combined with our PCMiler interface, the Auto-Rating module will automatically rate freight, pay drivers, and combined with the Fuel Tax module, will prepare the state breakdown report (mileages driven in each state) that will help you prepare your IFTA reports much more quickly and accurately.