Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Did you know that the Profit Tools Track & Trace module currently has the ability to trace railcars/railboxes in addition to tracing containers? Simply change the system setting within the Track & Trace module to include RBOX, and begin tracking.  In addition, Profit Tools Track & Trace module now has the ability to obtain rail billing information, and to update Profit Tools with the reported data.  For more information on the Profit Tools Track & Trace module, please email your account manager, or call our main  office to speak with your trainer at 603-659-3822.

2) Have you recently installed a new workstation or server?  If so, be sure to check your file compression settings.  Compression of files will negatively impact your Profit Tools performance, and possibly prevent the viewing of images and reports within Profit Tools.  Click here to download the Profit Tools for Trucking General System Requirements.  Refer to <section 8, System Requirements> of this document for the proper hardware configurations. Please feel free to email general technical support services if you have any questions regarding this process.