Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Do you need a simpler way to manage accessorial charges?  Well read on to find out how Profit Tools has this covered!

1) Notify your customers of a new, or additional accessorial charge added to a shipment through email with Profit Tools Accessorial Notifications.  This is an optional email item that is set up within the Amount Type entry screen (* see tip #2), and sent by the Profit Tools Scheduler.  There is no additional action for you to take.  As a new or additional charge is added, rated, and saved to a shipment, a new email is created and sent to the customer to notify them of the charge - No Surprises!
Customer email showing one fuel surcharge   -   then showing an added unloading charge
For more information about the automatic email notifications, contact your trainer.

2) Would you like to further detail your Accessorial & Freight amount types and efficiently notify your customers of these charges?  This can all be done within the Profit Tools Amount Type setup screen.  The two most generalized amount types preloaded in Profit Tools are Accessorial & Freight, however, you may want to further itemize the amount types to include Per Diem, Detention, Fuel Surcharge, Chassis Charge, or more.  By setting up these additional amount types, your customer notification emails will include these details, and when interfacing Profit Tools with your accounting package, these amount types will  classify the receivables & payables correctly.

*The Notify box in the right most column is checked if email notification is to be sent to customers when the selected charge type is added to a shipment.
For more information on email notifications, please contact your trainer.