Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Intermodal shipping requires detailed information about the equipment being moved.  That information also varies by the type of shipment, such as inbound, Outbound, or One Way.  As you know, it is important to have reliable information within these fields.  In the event that an entry made to the intermodal date fields is questioned, you have the ability to recall the User ID.  Profit Tools automatically records the User ID of the individual who entered the last piece of information.  This will become useful if questions arise in the future about a particular entry.  To view this information, simply select the lowercase "i" icon in the top-right corner of the intermodal date fields entry screen.

For more information about intermodal date fields, please contact your trainer.


2) Are you spending additional time posting your available or needed shipping containers and equipment to the website? With Profit Tools Equipment Posting, this becomes a simple upload process.  After setting up the Equipment Posting module & Equipment Lease Types within Profit Tools (Free Module for SUS customers), a file can be generated and uploaded to the equipment matching services.  The extracted file information includes the type of equipment (Intermodal), length, available date, and location of equipment.  Additionally, equipment that has been posted will display a visual icon next to the container type notes within the shipment info tab.

Here is the simple process defined:

a. In the Shipment Info tab, right-click to select a lease type.
b. Select a user definable Posting Description from the drop-down box.
c. Enter a Del By date for imports, or a Pickup By date for exports.
d. Save the shipment to reveal a '+' or '-' icon next to the Notes field within the Shipment Info tab.
    (Note: The icon will appear only after the Profit Tools scheduler has run)

Example of a pending & posted import shipment:

    Pending equipment posting (Yellow +)                  Successfully posted equipment (Green +)

For more information about setting up the Equipment Posting module (Free added benefit for Support & Upgrade Service (SUS) customers), please contact your trainer.