Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Looking for smaller icons on the vertical toolbar display throughout your Profit Tools application?  To enable this feature, simply go to the applications system settings, general tab, and choose ICON.  This will display the new smaller icons in the following windows: shipment, logo & invoice series setup, log entry, violations, reporting, and random driver list.

Classic tool bar                                              ICON tool bar (new)

For additional information about display settings, feel free to contact your trainer.


2) To delete or cancel a shipment, that is the question?  If a customer calls to cancel a shipment, are you deleting the entire entry?  Rather than lose the record of that shipment data, just change the status of the shipment to cancelled.  This will keep track of the customers that cancel, and how often it happens.

To set a shipment status to cancelled, first open the TMP# from the shipment summary or shipment toolbar button.  Select the billing info tab, and right-click in the shipment status field.  From the pop-up list, select cancel, and follow the instructions within the warning message.  Save and close.

Unlike deleting a shipment (which is irreversible), you do not need special privileges to cancel a shipment in Profit Tools.

For additional information about canceling shipments, feel free to contact your trainer.