Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Are you aware of 'Bump Routing' within Profit Tools?  If you currently have Profit Tools interfaced with PC*Miler and are using our Profit Tools Mobile Comm  module, this capability is already available to you!  If Bump Routing is enabled, when a driver runs past midnight, Mobile Comm will automatically reroute the open/incomplete itinerary events to the current day.

In order to use this feature, Bump Routing must first be set up within your system.  Then, as a driver confirms itinerary events past midnight for the previous day using the main driver web service page, the event will automatically be  rerouted to the current day. 

For additional information about bump routing, feel free to contact your trainer.


2) Did you know there are several thousand instances of U.S. towns that share the same name within the same state, province or county?  Did you also know that Profit Tools has been designed to recognize this situation and created a Locator Pick List to assist our users?  Profit Tools uses locators generated by PC*Miler to calculate mileage and driving times.  When a event site is entered with a city/state combination having multiple zip codes; such as Hamlin, PA, in Wayne County & Hamlin, PA, in Lebanon County, Profit Tools will assist the user by presenting a  Locator Pick List.

In order to use this list, the system settings within Profit Tools & PC*Miler will need to be adjusted.  By default, the system will be set to the 'default US city zip code'.  In this category, Profit Tools will populate the zip code and locator with the default locator provided by PC*Miler.  The default city’s selection is predetermined by the governmental Postal Service and based on such factors as population and geographic centrality.

To activate the locator within PC*Miler, simply select Tools / Multiple Name Instances / Provide Pick List.  Next, go to system settings within Profit Tools.  Locate System Settings PCMiler / Locator Pick List, then set setting to Yes.

For additional information about the locator pick list, feel free to contact your trainer.