Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Are you or your dispatchers spending valuable time routing routine moves to driver itineraries?  Well...Profit Tools has created a time saving process just for you!  First, you set up the typical events within an itinerary, and add them to a template.  Select the Itinerary tab / Templates tab / Available Templates button.  Now, create a new template.  Select New button from the Itinerary Template Setup screen.  Assign a representative name for the routine move as the template name.  Select Add Event button, then input in each leg of the move (Hook/Drop).  Select the Save button on the  Itinerary Template Screen. 


Last, you are ready to route the routine events with the click of the mouse! Simply select the desired template from your newly created templates and add it to the drivers itinerary.  Select Auto-Route to add selected events to the end of the drivers itinerary, or select Route to manually place the events between existing moves.


For more in-depth instructions see your Profit Tools help manual by typing "Itinerary Templates" in the Index tab search box, or feel free to contact your trainer.


2) Have you just received a new delivery order, but the requesting company is not a current customer?  Rather than wasting time entering the new company through the System, Billing, or Dispatch menus, you can now enter the new company during the order entry process.  Profit Tools has a system setting that, when enabled, will allow you to add a new company during the order entry process and when using the Intermodal Wizard.  Simply log in as PTADMIN, and from the System menu hold your pointer over Setup, then select System Settings.  Next, choose the Order Entry category and then the General tab.  Within this tab you will find the following: 'Allow New Company During Company Selection'. Set this option to Yes.  You are now ready to add new companies during order entry process!

For more assistance with adjusting the order entry system setting,  feel free to contact your trainer.