Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1)  Have you had the opportunity to add any custom fields to your shipment details within Profit Tools?  This feature can be used to input vital information that may be unique to your business process.   Up to 10 user defined custom fields can be added, and will remain on all future and past shipment details within Profit Tools.  All of the fields can be given unique names to track special requirements for a shipment, such as temperature control, UN numbers for HazMat shipments, pallets in/pallets out, or special handling instructions.  If you are interested in adding custom fields to your shipment details, please contact your Profit Tools trainer.

2) Did you know that there are free forms, reports, and quick views included with your Profit Tools software?  Did you also know that custom forms, reports, and views are being added on a regular basis to meet the needs of Profit Tools customers?  The general types of custom forms and reports available are delivery receipts, rate confirmations, invoices, reports, and quotes.  Two notable reports that have been made available as of April, 2012, are the updated Driver Expirations Extended, and the Driver Expiration Extended Auto reports.  The driver expiration dates now include Annual MVR, Annual Cert. of Violations, Additional Expirations, and corresponding Expiration Dates.  The complete listing of available reports can be found in your Profit Tools help file by selecting the index tab, and typing in Free Report to the search bar .  You may also contact your trainer for assistance or additional information on further customizations.