Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Are you periodically checking to see if dispatch is fully completing all events associated to shipments and itineraries?  In order for Profit Tools to function correctly and to insure proper tracking of equipment, it is vital that the correct equipment and shipment tracking information be completely entered into the dispatch system.  The following is a list of best managed practices to assist in the data entry process:

  • All paperwork (e.g. BOL, logs, trailer interchanges) must  have the shipment ( TMP#) listed on the forms, for matching, billing, and reference purposes.
  •  Completely enter and route all shipments on each itinerary (e.g. correct day, driver, truck, trailer,and chronological  pick-up delivery events).
  •  Audit confirmed itinerary times against driver logs. 
  • Ensure all shipments have complete and accurate information, item detail, and customer reference detail (e.g. correct shipper, consignee, bill to, pieces, weight, description, BOL#, and rate).
  • Completed shipments must be billed, even if the information is not interfacing with an accounting package.  Excessive open shipments will cause the rest of the Profit Tools system to slow down.
  • Enter driver daily logs timely, accurately, and including any violations.
  • Drivers should remain in contact with dispatch and have the following information available :
    • Name and truck number (dispatch can quickly open driver itinerary to enter additional information).
    • Pick-up/delivery arrival and departure times.
    • Equipment numbers (e.g. container, chassis, or rail box).
    • BOL #, quantities, description of goods, weight, pieces, and reference #'s.
  • Dispatch should have subsequent moves planned in advance of the driver call, and frequently audit the system for shipments needing attention (e.g. no ship dates, blank shipments,  dormant shipments/duplicated, canceled loads, etc.).

Consistently entering accurate and timely information will help control costs (per diem, and storage charges), insure billing and rating are accurate and help decrease auditing requirements.

For more information on suggested practices, please email your trainer.


2) Do you have a system error?  When calling in to Profit Tools technical support, please have the following information available:

  • Your version of Profit Tools (to locate version number, select program information from the help menu).
  • What process were you performing when the error appeared (e.g. saving shipment/itinerary information, billing, running a report, etc.)?
  • Is the error local to your station, or affecting multiple stations?
  • The specific error message details (if possible, try to capture a screen shot of the actual error message).
  • Has this error appeared before, if so, when did it happen, and what process were you performing?
  • Was the workstation or server rebooted / before or after the error?
  • Was there any unusual activity/process prior to the error message?
  • Has any software been installed recently to the workstation or server?
  • Was the network configuration recently changed?
  • Have you recently switched internet providers?

When calling in to technical support, some or all of these questions may be asked to determine the cause of the error.  For additional information regarding error messages, please email technical support, or call 603-659-3822.