Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Do you plan to replace or move your Profit Tools scheduler machine?  If so, be aware that any of your Profit Tools modules that use automated tasks (e.g., EDI, Document Transfer, Auto Email, Mobile Comm, etc.), use a processor called the Profit Tools Scheduler.  If the scheduler is relocated, additional tools must also be moved to enable the process to perform necessary validations and uploads.  Without this action, you will stop receiving automated files and notifications.  If you plan to replace or move your Profit Tools scheduler machine, or already have and are experiencing any issues, please contact for assistance.

2) It's time to prepare your quarterly IFTA Fuel Tax Report (Due July 31st)! Don't forget that your Profit Tools Fuel Tax module will seamlessly integrate with PC*Miler Fuel Tax software (sold separately), to assist you in the preparation of your fuel tax report.  Once you have properly configured your Profit Tools and PC*Miler software (i.e., properly defined unit numbers), you will be able to export .STA files from Profit Tools, directly to your PC*Miler software.  The Profit Tools Fuel Tax module will generate mileage reports for each unit, by state, based on your manually entered odometer readings and cross reference with the PC*Miler figures.

One word of caution!  The Profit Tools Fuel Tax module uses the equipment itinerary events to generate the mileage driven by each unit.  Any non-routed stops will not be included in the total mileage data for a particular unit.  Profit Tools will indicate any excess miles above the specified variance percentage, and initiate a system warning.