Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Are you familiar with the Profit Tools User Alerts System?  If the answer is "no", then you need to explore this great benefit.  With user alerts, you have 8 types of user generated reminders to keep important information instantly available.  For complete how-to instructions, please see the Profit Tools help file/contents tab/user alerts, or contact your trainer.  Profit  Tools Support and Upgrade Service(SUS) subscribers may also watch this short on-line training video.

**User alerts should not be confused with action alerts, which work with employee groups within Profit Tools.  Action alerts would be used to increase awareness to your dispatch and customer service representatives about important information.  Additional information on the action alerts can also be found in the Profit Tools help file/contents tab/action alerts.  Again, Profit  Tools SUS subscribers may also watch this short on-line training video.**

2) The  new scheduled billing  feature will allow a user to assign a billing schedule to a company.  Once a schedule has been established, the Profit Tools system will assign next bill dates determined by the billing schedule.  To view bills with a next bill date of 'today", simply view billing settings in the billing window, and a list of companies with with the next billing date of today will be listed.  For more information, SUS subscribers can access the billing webinar recording from 6/28/12.  You may also contact training for additional information on this subject.