Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Document Imaging Archiving -Did you know that even though each of the images being saved on your server is rather small, over time they will eventually take up a large enough amount of space on your hard drive that they will need to be archived?  The archive feature, which is accessed from the Imaging menu inside Profit Tools, allows you to copy a predefined series of images to a temporary folder where the images can then be moved to a CD, DVD, External Hard Drive, Archive Folder, or tape backup.  Each Archive is assigned a Volume Name so that the image can be retrieved easily at a later date. If you attempt to display an archived image the application will display an informational message on how to access the image. To learn more about archiving images please contact your trainer.

2) ActiveTrac - is your dispatch office constantly answering phone calls from customers inquiring as to the status of their loads? Could that time be better used calling prospects to obtain new business and dispatching? With ActiveTrac your customers can not only track loads, but download documents, submit rate request and load tenders 24/7 right on the web. Do your docks, pools or remote offices call to request updates or documents? ActiveTrac is your solution. For more information on these products, view a demo and obtain pricing information visit