Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1)  Did you know our Profit Tools Mobile Direct module will not only send the itinerary events to the driver, allow the driver to update equipment information and itinerary events, but it will also allow the Profit Tools user to send email messages to the driver (the outbound message can also be configured to send as a text message)? For more information on our Profit Tools Mobile Direct module, please see the Mobile Direct page on our web site. Also see the Mobile Communications section of the help file. If you are interested in this module or any other module we can provide a 30 day trial/test drive on any of our modules. Please contact your assigned trainer, or Nate Reed at our main number (603)659-3822 for more information.

2) If you use virus detection you'll want to exclude specific Profit Tools directories and files from on-demand file scanning - especially if you are experiencing performance issues. If your virus detection software also includes network monitoring you'll want to exclude port 2638 from being scanned. Due to the diversity of settings and features for virus detection software, find out how to exclude folders and network traffic from scanning by visiting your virus software's support website or calling their help desk. 

When excluding Profit Tools we suggest that you exclude files and folders on the server's Profit Tools folder and also the mapped network drive from clients to access Profit Tools.  

The following is a suggested list of exclusions:

Exclude the Directories PTData, PTBackup 

Exclude file extensions: .PSR, .PBD

If running Track & Trace: TTData, TTBackup 

If you have questions contact Profit Tools tech support and we'll answer questions regarding this topic free of charge. Profit Tools Inc. will not configure your virus detection for you as configuring your virus detection is an IT system administration task and this should be done by your IT professional or contractor. It is very important that you and your IT staff or contractor carefully consider any and all modifications to virus protection software.