Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Is warehousing part of your business? Did you know Profit Tools has a Warehouse Interface Module allowing you to interface with Traker Systems an Inventory Management System?  New orders from Traker are created in Profit Tools via an EDI process. Profit Tools supports the ability to specify a single shipment template to be used as the base of the shipment import. One shipment will be created for each distinct Bill of Lading # in the imported file.  Each shipment can have unlimited line items.  Item descriptions, reference numbers, weights and other data are all  imported into Profit Tools, no double-entry.

2) Are you a CY / Depot for equipment providers? Did you know Profit Tools has an integration with Depot Systems, the leading depot management package? We understand that you need the final say over your depot inventory and the Depot Systems Integration is designed with that fact in mind.  Equipment showing ingate/outgate movement in Profit Tools that does not match the data in Depot Systems is flagged, but you maintain control over whether to update inventory or not.

3) Both of the above integrations are free modules for customers currently on our Support and Upgrade Service.