Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Did you know when using the Settlements Module you can use the Amount Owed Search feature to search for driver pay information by a specific container, shipment, chassis, or tractor? You can then print or export this information to a report or an excel spreadsheet. This means you can find all of the driver pay for a specific piece of equipment for any pay period. For more information on this feature, or any other Profit Tools feature, please contact your trainer. 

2) Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, has published an article on their web site regarding compatibility with Windows 7.

The Profit Tools to QuickBooks direct interface method is adversely impacted by the compatibility issues.  The Profit Tools to QuickBooks direct interface is not supported on the Windows 7 operating system for QuickBooks Versions 2009 and earlier. This does not impact the QuickBooks direct interface method on other versions of Windows.

For more information on Profit Tools compatibility, please see our Third-party Compatibility page.