Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) If you have our Document Imaging Module you should be archiving document images every month as part of your server maintenance process. We recommend that you keep 6 months of documents on your server and archive the rest to another location (thumb drive or DVD). This will save space on your server. The archived volumes consist of a library of images and Profit Tools will inform the user to access the appropriate volume if they attempt to display images that have been archived.  For more information on archiving images see the  Archiving Images section of the help file. If you still require help, please contact your trainer. If you would like to take a 30 day test drive of this module, please contact John Howes.

2) The schedule for this year's User Conference in Phoenix, AZ is now available online. Register today.

3) Using Windows 7? Microsoft has some excellent tips to help you search for files more easily.