Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Did you know that if you have company owned power units, and you are routing them in the itinerary section of Profit Tools, we can show you how to track the service history of your equipment? A free report titled Tractor Service History is available in the Reports Library. The report is for company owned active power units and is generated by entering in all the equipment information into Profit Tools.

1)     Enter specific events into the itinerary for the equipment.  The report will only show the following events:

   a)     Breakdown

   b)     PM Service

   c)     Repairs

   d)     Accident

2)     When entering in the above itinerary types use the notes field to record the mileage of the vehicle and a note about the service that will be performed. 

3)     Using the Service area of the Equipment Information enter in the out and in service dates and times along with a reason for the service into the equipment notes.


To run this report:

1)     Select Reports then Viewer from the System menu or click the Reports button at the top of screen.

2)     When the Report Selection window opens double click on Tractor Service History All.

3)     When the report headers appear in the report viewer click the Retrieve button and enter the beginning and ending itinerary date range you would like to report on.

Below is an example of the report: