Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Did you know with PCMiler and the Profit Tools Fuel Tax module you can produce a report (State Breakdown Report) that will print/export the number of miles driven in each state for each tractor over a period of time. This information can then be exported to a file and imported into PCMiler Fuel Tax.

Also, if your drivers use fuel cards and you can download the file from your providers web site (we currently interface to the Comdata format), this information can be imported into Profit Tools and posted to your driver's settlement using the Profit Tools Fuel Card Interface. This data can also be imported directly into PCMiler Fuel Tax.

So, if you have these modules you have all of the information you need (gas purchases and mileages) available to be imported into the PCMiler Fuel Tax application - you are now ready to produce your IFTA reports without manually entering in all your mileages and purchases.

For more information please see Fuel Card and Fuel Tax section of the help file.

We can provide a demo from one of our trainers and we can provide a 30-day trial of any module you may be interested in.