Intermodal Transportation Management Software

 1) Did you know the Profit Tools Email Notification Module enables you to:

  • Automatically send event emails to your customers as they are confirmed in the system
  • Create and send emails for rate quotes and load confirmations from the information you already have entered into Profit Tools
  • Create and send Last Free Date and Trailer Interchange Report notifications
  • Automatically send Accessorial Notifications to your customers
  • Automatically notify your customer when their work order has been entered into Profit Tools and provide a link to your Active Trac page.

All of these options can be tailored to fit individual customer needs. That includes the content as well as frequency of emails being sent. Your customers receive emails as events happen and will always know where their loads are. Add in our Mobile Comm Module and emails are triggered by drivers confirming events from the field and sent to designated customers without office staff having to do any extra work! Your level of customer service increases and you become more proactive without ever picking up the phone.

 2) All customers running Profit Tools version or higher and using Profit Tools to process DVIR will need to follow the instructions below to update the DVIR facility list. This information is also provided in the Profit Tools Help system under DVIR Facility Import

DVIR Facility Import

This feature provides the ability to import the latest IANA Facility list into Profit Tools. It is recommended that the most updated list is imported for both and IANA immediately before starting the facility mapping for a new DVIR setup.

Save the linked XLS document to your local PC

From the Profit Tools menu go to:

System / Setup / Equipment / DVIR

NOTE: Repeat the following steps for both the IANA and Facility setup tabs

· Click on the Facility Import button

· Browse to the previously saved XLS file

· Review the Proposed changes and make note of any messages regarding mapped facilities

· Click the Save Import button

If any mapped facilities were modified, review your facility list to insure accuracy.

If you have questions or need help email our support team or call 603-659-3822.