Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Sign up today to attend our 2012 User Conference in Phoenix, AZ April 17th-20th! For more information see our News & Events Feed! 

2) For all customers who attend the 2012 User Conference W Interactive will be giving a $200 discount on any new Active TRAC account registrations.

3) Did you know that if you use Quick Books in conjunction with Profit Tools  you can get any shipment level information to populate the Item description or Memo field in Quick Books? To do this go into System Settings (System > Setup > System Settings) and select the Billing option from the menu on the left. Select the tab labeled 'Accounting Package'. Add the corresponding tags for the shipment level information you would like to populate into Quick Books into the appropriate fields. For more information look under the Set-up section of the help file, or contact your trainer!