Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Did you know that besides using the clipboard to copy and paste events to itineraries you now have the ability to drag and drop events in itineraries? You can add, move, and remove events all using drag and drop. Contact your trainer for more information.

2) Profit Tools Fuel Card Module interfaces with Comdata, T-Chek, TCH, EFS, FleetOne, and other fuel card vendors (comdata format), allowing you to download your driver's fuel card purchases directly into Profit Tool's Settlements Module. Use Profit Tools Fuel Card to save at the pump and earn Rewards Points you can put towards software, SUS, and other products and services.

You can also import the fuel purchased data directly into PCMiler Fuel Tax. If you combine this with Profit Tools Fuel Tax Module you will have both the state mileage breakdown and fuel purchase information. Import both into PCMiler Fuel Tax, and you are 90% done with IFTA reporting with no manual data entry. TAKE A FREE TEST DRIVE (all you pay for is training).  For more information contact John Howes at 603-659-3822 or

3) If you are upgrading your computers to Windows 7 please be sure you do not purchase Home Editions. Also, you will need to turn off User Access Control when you install Profit Tools. Be sure you install Profit Tools using the network mapped drive; do not use the Universal Naming Convention path. For more information contact tech support at 603-659-3822 or send us an email.