Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Did you know that if you are using Profit Tools integration with PC*Miler you are able to display a variety of maps that will give you information regarding the location and routing of equipment? To display one of the maps for a piece of equipment, or multiple pieces of equipment, open your Equipment Summary Screen, select the piece(s) of equipment, then click on the Current pull down menu and choose one of the map options.

One of the maps is Plot Last Confirmed Positions.   This will plot the last confirmed event position of the highlighted equipment.  All equipment plots are shown as square pins on the map.  Color is used to distinguish equipment types.  Power Units are Red, Containers are Dark Green, Chassis are Blue, Railboxes are Green, and all other Trailers are Yellow.  Once positions are plotted, the different equipment types can be shown or hidden by right clicking the map and choosing “Features”, and then selecting or de-selecting the layers to display. If you only have one known position the map will auto zoom out so that the location can be identified.

You are also able to see the location of containers and the status of their lease free time expiration.  There is a legend in the upper left hand corner that explains the status of the container.  The containers are marked as squares and the color code indicates whether or not the free time for the container has expired.

For more information about the maps available in Profit Tools, or questions on how to effectively track equipment, please call our main number 603-659-3822 and ask for your trainer.

2) One of the most cost effective upgrades you can do to improve the performance of Profit Tools, is to increase the amount of memory in the database server and terminal servers. The new version of our Sybase engine will use available memory dynamically which will significantly improve performance as you add more memory.

 4 gig of memory costs less than $25.

Please contact your IT professional and discuss increasing the amount of memory in your servers. Any questions please contact our Technical Support department.