Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1.) It is extremely important that all computers on your network have the most accurate time, and all of the computers’ times are synchronized. There are many ways you can do this. What most IT staff do is to sync the computer on the network to the domain/workgroup server, and then have the domain/workgroup server sync'd to a reliable outside clock (such as the atomic clock). Contact for more info.

2.) For Profit Tools customers who are also running DS4 Depot management software we are able to produce reporting that will compare the Profit Tools hook and drop events to Depot Systems ingate and outgate events. This will ensure increased data accuracy in Profit Tools, and if transmitting data to EDI trading partners, accurate data via EDI.

3.) Did you know that if you broker loads in Profit Tools you can run a Carrier Lane search by origin and destination and find brokers/carriers who have history moving freight in a certain lane. For more information see the help file or contact your trainer.