Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) In the latest version of Profit Tools we have added the ability to display on quick view screens the date and time the driver is projected to be at a destination and/or the last event of the current itinerary. This is useful for trip planning quick view screens. For more information on this feature, and any of the new features in Profit Tools, take a look at the Profit Tools help file or give your trainer a call.  

2) Action Alerts are used to notify specific Employee Groups of upcoming events such as pick up or delivery appointments, and approaching driver detention scenarios. Users who have taken action on a Detention Alert can be notified when the detention has ended. Setting up these alerts will provide the dispatch and customer service reps with a greater awareness of upcoming events that may need intervention. View our short training video to learn how to set up these alerts. You can also find information in the Alerts section of the help file. If you need help implementing Action Alerts or User Alerts, please contact your trainer.

3) Having trouble accessing the Profit Tools  help file on your Windows 7 machine? Try this:

  1. Create a new folder in client's local installation directory of Profit Tools called Help
  2. Copy all files in PTApps that have the extension .cnt & .hlp into the created folder from step #1
  3. Create shortcut of ptmanual.hlp and place on desktop
  4. Test the newly created shortcut

For more assistance contact support.