Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1.) Profit Tools has solutions to help you better track and charge for the use of your company owned and long-term lease chassis. Read our Confronting Chassis Challenges article to learn more.

2.) PTU Dallas will be held on January 24-25, 2011. To sign up contact Kathy Brown at or call 603-659-3822. Click here for course descriptions. Click here for an event schedule.

3.) Did you know when multiple users attempt to access and change the same information in a database there is a standard rule that "the first user wins"?  The first user to access the information has a "lock" on the information and if they edit the information their edits will update the database. If another user accesses the same information, they will be advised that another user has the information locked, the information is for viewing purposes only, and no edits will be saved. You have the option to cancel and view the shipment at another time, or view the shipment in read-only mode.  However, if a user has information locked and they have a problem with their computer and restart, or do not close the Profit Tools application in a normal manner, the information could remain locked. We have now provided a way for PTADMIN to be able to clear these locked shipments from within the Profit Tools application. To view/clear locked shipments, log onto Profit Tools at PTADMIN, choose the System drop-down menu, and then choose View Locked Shipments. A screen similar to the following screen will display.

Locked Shipment Screen

For more information see "locked shipments" in the Profit Tools help file.