Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1.) Did you know that you can create user alerts for equipment, driver information, companies or general system alerts? These alerts can be used to display driver's license expirations, Billto company warnings, or system wide announcements, just to name a few of the many uses.
User alert messages are limited to 150 characters in length.

Alerts are managed in two categories; System alerts, and Entity Alerts.  System alerts are generated by the Profit Tools system to warn users of error conditions.  Entity Alerts are associated with specific Profit Tools entities such as Companies, Drivers, or Equipment.

System Alerts will display when the user first logs in to Profit Tools. System alerts also allow for system wide announcements which broadcast to all users logged into Profit Tools, if a user is not logged into Profit Tools they will receive the alert upon login.

Entity Alerts will display when that entity is displayed on the screen. Alerts will display in the top left corner of the Profit Tools main window and cascade diagonally down the page.  Multiple alerts can display when opening a single window.

Note:  When a new User is added to the Profit Tools System they will automatically be assigned all Active Alerts. If Alerts are not maintained periodically a new user may receive a large number of alerts when the user is created.  We suggest deactivating any unneeded alerts before creating new users.

For more information on alerts and their usage see the Profit Tools help file or contact your trainer.

2.)  It is very important that you log off of Profit Tools each day.  When you first log on to Profit Tools and access the shipment summary screen, equipment summary screen, or dynamic screens, a file is built by the application called the cache file. This is done so that the next time you open the same screen the performance is faster. This cache file is time/date sensitive and should be rebuilt each day, which is accomplished automatically when you log on and open the previously mentioned screens. Questions about the cache file? Contact support at or call 603-659-3822.