Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1)  Are you using customized invoice numbers on your bills? Were you aware that the TMP number can also be used as part of the actual invoice number? Below is an overview of how to create two types of invoice number definitions in the Invoice Series Setup window.

For either type of definition, first enter the Invoice Series Setup window by selecting "Billing" from the main menu, then select "Invoice Series Setup". Once the setup window appears, click "New" in the left-hand toolbar, or select an existing series to edit. Enter the name you will use to reference the new series. Next create the definition:

  • Sequential numbers - Type the base characters (if desired) along with one or more # signs (represent sequential number place holder).
    Example - Defination: FZ#AF / Next # value: 123 / Next Invoice #: FZ123AF
  • TMP numbers - Use the <TMP> tag to indicate the actual TMP number as the invoice number. Please note, when using the TMP number format, the "Next # value" is only used in a manifest sequence.
    Example - Defination: ORD / Next # value: 25 / Next Invoice # (TMP= 38654) ORD38654

You may create as many invoice series as you wish. Once created, you can then use the "Shipment Type Setup" window to assign the desired series to the desired shipment types. For additional assistance setting up Invoice Series, please contact your trainer.


2) Have you tried the New Shipment Wizard? This wizard makes it easy to create non-intermodal shipments. In a few simple steps, the wizard will walk you through creating dispatch, brokerage, crossdock, and non-routed shipments. Before using this feature, be sure to enable the Shipment Wizard within the system settings. To enable: select System>Setup>System Settings>Order Entry>Default Tab, then select "Yes" for Display New Shipment Wizard (Non-Intermodal).

Now you are ready to use the wizard:

  • Locate the "NEW SHIP" button at the top of your screen.
  • The first page of the wizard will open, allowing the entry of the most common fields of a new shipment.
  • Select "Next" to enter the shipment items. If additional freight or accessorial items need to be added, select the "New Freight" or "New Acc." at the bottom of the shipment window.
  • After completing the entry of of the shipment items, select "Finish", and Profit Tools will create and display the new shipment for you.









For additional information on the New Shipment Wizard, please contact your trainer.