Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Is your equipment summary screen customized to your needs? There is a great deal of information displayed on the equipment summary screen, and you have the ability to split the view to display the most pertinent information within one screen view. To split the equipment summary screen view:

  • Hover mouse over solid grey block in the bottom left corner of the equipment summary screen.
  • Left click and hold to display a solid grey vertical bar.
  • While depressing the left mouse button, drag the vertical bar to desired position, then release.
  • To remove the screen split, simply left click & drag back to the starting position.

For additional information about customizing your screen views, please contact your trainer.


2) Would you like to generate a fleet report right from the Equipment Summary screen? Follow this simple process to create your fleet report:

  • From the Equipment Summary screen, select the "Pwr" button from the top of the screen to display only your power equipment.
  • Highlight the desired equipment to be queried for your report.
  • Select "Current" from the top menu bar, then scroll down to select Fleet History Report.
  • Enter a beginning and ending date.
  • The "Select File" window will pop up, and from there you will select the template "EquipmentReport.xls" from your default templates location. Typically, the templates folder location is - P:\template\reports.
  • Your requested information will be populated in an Excel spreadsheet format.
  • At this point, you should save the report and change the location/name to prevent overwriting the template.

For additional information about customizing your fleet report, please contact your trainer.