Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) You are probably aware that the tolls in some states in the Northeast have increased, in some cases by almost 50%, effective January 1st. Did you know that PCMiler Tolls will calculate the toll charges on each leg of a trip so that you can determine the total cost of tolls for the trip?

The toll charges will display for each leg when your display, print, or send the driving directions. The driving directions can be displayed via the PCMiler-Profit Tools interface or directly within PCMiler. This toll data can then be used to analyze the total cost of the trip. You can even set Profit Tools/PCMiler to "avoid tolls" and a route will be suggested that will minimize toll charges.  If you have the Profit Tools Safety/ Log Auditor Module, you can analyze discrepancies by comparing driver log information with toll information.  For more information on PCMiler Tolls please visit the ALK Website. If you are interested in purchasing PCMiler Tolls, or taking any of the ALK products for a test drive/trial, please contact John Howes at Profit Tools. As an authorized re-seller of ALK products Profit Tools gets preferred pricing for our customers.

For those customers that have PCMiler Tolls please be advised that a new update with the recent toll charges will be available today or tomorrow. ALK will be sending an email with update information to all of their customers.

If you rate your freight by the mile, pay your drivers by the mile, or you are interested in obtaining fuel tax data from Profit Tools that will help you produce your IFTA reports in less time, please give your trainer a call, or contact John Howes. You can find out more information on our PCMiler interface and our Fuel Tax Module in the Profit Tools help file or on our web site.  

2) You may have seen recent press releases and articles concerning rule changes to the HOS (Hours of Service). At this time there is no requirement to change the current logic in the Profit Tools Safety Module.  Also, at this time there are no rule changes with respect to the implementation of EOBR.  For more information on the Profit Tools Safety module, please call 603-659-3822 and ask for John Howes. You can also view more information on this module in the Profit Tools help file.