Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Did you know that Profit Tools is designed for live dispatch? Dispatching your drivers in real time allows you to take advantage of many benefits within the Profit Tools software application. These benefits include real time visibility tools like - Email Notifications, EDI, and ActiveT.R.A.C. Also, live dispatch allows you to run on time appointment reports, increase AR turnaround, and can boost your carrier ratings with your EDI trading partners.

Mobile Communications can help you transition to live dispatch. Your drivers can confirm their own arrival and departure times as well as update information from the field. Drivers can enter container numbers, chassis numbers, seal numbers, pieces, weight and more. Think your drivers can’t handle it? Think again — our trainers have helped many of our customers transition to dispatching through mobile communications and can share training and incentive techniques to help you achieve 100% adoption by your drivers.

If you are not dispatching live now, we have the tools and the knowledge to help you get there fast. Profit Tools training and support staff have a number of tools they can use to help you clean up your database and start running your operation in real time.