Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1.) It is a good idea to periodically print the setup report. The setup report will provide you with an overview of database statistics such as number of active shipments and total active equipment. If you have a high number of active shipments or active equipment, you may not be getting your billing out in a timely manner, or not completing shipments properly. You can setup this report to automatically run each week and send this information to management for review. For more information on how to setup Auto Reports please contact your trainer.

2.) Last month more Profit Tools customers went live with their EDI implementations. Trading partners who went live are CMA-CGM and Hanjin. If you are moving a significant amount of shipments with steamship lines, implementing EDI will reduce order entry time, eliminate the need for you to update the steamship websites, and  increase your rating with the steamship line. If you are interested in implementing EDI send an email or call me for more details.