Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Have you heard of the developing Head-up Display (HUD) technology coming to the transportation industry? HUD is part of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions being designed to reduce driver workloads. This is expected to provide added safety and visibility to drivers on the road by reducing traffic accidents and decreasing eye movements. While this technology is not due to be introduced until 2015, Profit Tools has already addressed driver visibility issues relating to in-cab information with Profit Tools Mobile Communications Interface. This module links your in-cab devices directly to your dispatch and customer service operations, virtually eliminating miscommunication between drivers and dispatch. This visibility also extends to your customers, allowing for 24hr. access to load completion status, without staff interaction. Find out how Profit Tools can help your company increase productivity and visibility.

HUD lane guidance display - DENSO Global
HUD lane guidance display - DENSO Global

Select here to read the October 19, 2012 HUD -  DENSO Global news release.
Contact your trainer for additional information about Profit Tools Mobile Communications Interface.

2) When was the last time you archived the scanned images stored on your hard drive? This simple process  is one that should be done regularly to conserve space on your hard drive. Below is a brief outline of the archiving process:
- Access the "Image Settings Manager" by selecting: Imaging > Archiving
- Enter the ending shipment number for the range you want to copy in the "Archive Images" section.
- Enter the "Maximum size of archive media" (From 650MB for a CD to 4500MB for a DVD)
- Select "Copy" to begin transferring files to to the preselected temporary folder chosen in the "Settings" tab prior to archiving.
Note: This process can take from 20-30 min. per 650MB of data to be copied.
- You may now archive the selected files to your chosen media.

For more detailed instructions on archiving images please contact your trainer.