Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Profit Tools has the "trifecta" for second-generation logistics software. According to Inbound Logistics Magazine thought leaders, three of the essential trends in second-generation logistics software are electronic data interchange (EDI), customer notification, and customer visibility ... and Profit Tools has you covered. We bring you solutions such as EDI Direct™ , which enables carriers to perform load tender, status updates, invoicing, and much more.  Keep everyone informed through Email Notifications, to stay proactive rather than reactive, as well as providing self-service through activeT.R.A.C , Profit Tools customer visibility solution, part of the Web Tracking, on-demand information portal.  To find out more about managing your workload electronically, and saving on labor costs,  contact sales at Profit Tools, or call 603-659-3822.

2) Are you confused about all the electronic data interchange (EDI) talk from the steamship lines?  Well here is a quick breakdown of the EDI transaction sets that can be created using Profit Tools EDI Direct™  service:

(204) - Load Tender: Used to allow shippers, freight forwarders, IMC's etc., to electronically offer (tender) a shipment to a motor carrier including detailed scheduling, equipment requirements, commodities, and shipping instructions pertinent to a load tender.  Use of 204's can eliminate manual entry of orders into Profit Tools.

(997) - Functional Acknowledgement: Indicates “I received your 204” whether you accept the load or not.

(990) - Response to Load Tender: Sends response to the trading partner indicating if your company agrees to perform the move, or declines.

(214) - Shipment Status: Used by a motor carrier to provide shippers, consignees, and their agents with the status of shipments in terms of  locations, route,  identifying numbers, am more. Use of 214's can eliminate the need to enter such information into online web portals or other other forms of updating the customer of shipment status.

(322) - Equipment Disposition: Informs Equipment Provider of loaded/empty drops, including equipment numbers and locations to facilitate reload planning and equipment management.

(210) - Freight Details & Invoice: Used to provide detailed information for charges of services rendered by a motor carrier.  It is used both as a motor carrier invoice to request payment and details pertaining to motor fright shipment(s) charges.

For more information about the Profit Tools EDI capabilities, contact your trainer.