Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Chassis maintenance has been the topic of conversation for many years now. When the federal rules took effect in 2009, placing the responsibility of roadworthy maintenance on the chassis owners, a gradual shift began to take place in the intermodal industry.  Just last week, in an effort to ease this transition , the ATA Intermodal Carriers Conference formed a new Co-op to assist drayage truckers looking to purchase chassis.  The group formed the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC). Profit Tools is also here to ease the transition through our Chassis Drop Location auto report. This report will list all of the current leased and company owned chassis and the last drop location. Also listed is the chassis number, if it is company owned, the container number associated with the move, the last location, the last date, the current TMP number that the chassis is associated with, and the driver who did the move. This report is set up to be an auto report, however, it can also run as a regular report through the report viewer at any time (see screen shot below).

To learn more about setting up this report, please contact your trainer.
To learn more about the NACPC, read the Transport Topics article from 10/15/2012.

2) When was the last time you imported/updated the IANA facility list into the Profit Tools DVIR Facility Import feature? It is recommended that the list is run every 30 days and immediately before starting the facility mapping for a new DVIR setup. To import the latest list to your Profit Tools system, select: System> Setup> Equipment> DVIR Settings.  From here you can update both and IANA.

Please contact your trainer for detailed information on the import process.