Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1.) In the newest version of Profit Tools we are distributing a new Free Reports Library. As part of this implementation the trainers are eliminating old reports that are unused as well as replacing reports that are being used with new reports that run in Profit Tools' latest version. If you currently depend on any of the older reports (reports that have 39 in the title), you will want to insure that you discuss substituting or modifying the report to work with the new upgrade.

2.) Reminder: Along with our partners at Trimble and Omnitracs, LLC, we also have a Mobile Communications interface with PeopleNet. In addition to our partner solutions we have our own mobile communications solution Mobile Direct. If you are looking for a low cost mobile communications interface that will exchange itinerary information between the Profit Tools database and a data/web enabled mobile phone, Mobile Direct is worth taking a look at.

3.) In response to requests from many of our intermodal customers, with the latest version of Profit Tools, you now have the ability to manually over-ride the system calculated free time expiration date. The standard terms for a piece of equipment can be modified for a particular move/shipment/container. The over-ride is entered in the equipment details screen. For more information and training on this or any other new feature, please contact your trainer.