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Profit Tools Mobility & Visibility Webinar Series

Summer is travel season, so what better time to hit the road with Profit Tools' latest innovations in mobility & visibility?  These advances will revolutionize the way you interact with drivers, satisfy customers, and track your equipment.  You will save money while enhancing your customer ratings and reducing your risk.
If you are interested in signature capture / instant POD, GPS tracking, EOBR, or chassis tracking, please DO NOT sign up for any 3rd party offerings (including new phones, tablets, or devices for your drivers) without first talking to us.  
Various 3rd parties will claim "Profit Tools will work with this" without having ever spoken to us first, let alone set up an integration, so please don't get trapped into a non-integrated 3rd party solution!  We want you to invest in what works!

Mark Your Calendars


Tuesday June 12, 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern

Profit Tools & DiSC Mobile: Instant Driver Dispatch & PODs

This webinar will showcase Profit Tools' new signature capture / instant POD capability, as well as show how it fits with our full range of electronic dispatch and customer service tools.  We will show a live demo of how these solutions work together, including a look at what the driver & consignee would see on the handheld when using an Android device.

UPDATE - The recording for this webinar is now available!