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We had a great turn-out for our webinar, Thursday (7/25), on "How to Use Profit Tools Reports". We reviewed how to locate and create reports from the free reports library and also how to create reports from custom Excel and Word templates. As requested by one of our webinar attendees, we have transcribed a portion of the webinar for your reference. Please let us know what you think about this tip, as well as subjects you would like to see covered in future "Tips & Hints" posts, by sending an email to

1. Locate Reports: The Free Reports Library-

  • From your main Profit Tools screen, select the "Reports" icon on the right top menu.
  • When logged in as PTAdmin, the resulting list displays the general reports under the green tab called "PTADMIN" and the last blue category, "Uncategorized Reports".
  • When logged in as a user, the summary list will only display the available reports in the last blue category, "Uncategorized Reports".
  • Once a report is clicked on, a brief summary view of the report will appear at the bottom of the menu.
  • Select the small grey circle to flag a report as a favorite, which will appear in the favorites category at the top of the summary for easy access.
  • Any report that is viewed, will appear in the "Most Recent" category.
  • To re-categorize a report, simply drag and drop it into the desired category, and confirm your requested change.

**Please note: All reports can be customized to suit your needs. Contact your trainer to review changes by appointment, or you can email them a mark-up of your  requested changes**

2. Create Reports: Basic Excel file export-



  • Begin by opening your Exports folder within the Templates Folder of Profit Tools. To find this folder browse to: System / Setup / System Settings / Application / General / Full Path to Templates folder.
  • From within the Exports folder, right click, scroll down and hover over New, then select Microsoft Excel Worksheet. Rename the file 'Basic Export File.xls'.
  • Next, open the spreadsheet and label the top headers in row 1 with the names of the tag information that you will be pulling from Profit Tools. E.g. TMP, Container Number, Master BOL, Total Charges.
  • Then you will need to indicate the report type you will be creating by entering the appropriate 'Data Topic' tag in row 2, column A. E.g. <use.shipment>
  • Now, enter the Profit Tools Data Tag in row 3, below each of the header labels. This will allow information to be retrieved from Profit Tools.
  • A simple tag dictionary is available in the help file of Profit Tools by going to: Help/Help Contents - within the search tab type in: Tag Map/click 'List Topics'/select Tag_Map.
  • Lastly, in the final empty column of row 3, you must place the generic end tag to indicate the end of the report. E.g. <endtag> (Does not print)
  • Save & close the new report, which will now be available within the Exports folder.

When you are ready to generate your newly created report:

  • Locate the the shipments you wish to view using Search, Dynamic Screens, or Shipment Summary. Then, highlight the desired group of shipments and right click in the first TMP column. Select "Generate Document". You may also highlight the shipments, then select the 'Document' button below.
  • Next, the Document Selection window will display. In the "Select Type" drop down box, select "Export File" which will automatically display the new "Basic Export File.xls" report in the Template window below. Select OK to generate the file.

**Please note: If you would like to save the generated report, be sure to "Save As" so you will not replace the newly created template**

The full, 30 min. webinar can be viewed by visiting the Feature & Training Videos link on the Customer Support page. If you have questions about reports and how they can assist you in your operation, please contact your trainer.