Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) When adding or updating employees in your Profit Tools system, be sure to enter the correct "User Class" for each employee. The user class defines the level of access that each user will have in Profit Tools. Below is the listing of available employee user classes:

  • Non User - No access to the Profit Tools system
  • Lookup - Ability to view lower security information and no access to change any information within Profit Tools
  • Entry - Ability to view lower security information and access to enter and edit companies, equipment, employees, create & modify shipments and itineraries.
  • Audit - Same access as Entry level employees, with the added ability to perform modifications to information contained within the violation section of the log checker
  • Administrative - Ability to perform all functions of other user classes, with the added ability to effect changes to shipment information & log checker management information, as well as modify user privileges for the rest of the employees

NOTE: All user classes, with the exception Non User, must have a password supplied to them in order to log on to Profit Tools.

For additional information about User Classes for employees, contact your trainer.


2) Adding arrival and departure times into Profit Tools can be entered in several ways, giving you the option to choose a preferred format. Below is a list of time entry shortcuts that can be used interchangeably at any time:

12 Hour Format -

  • To separate hours from minutes -  colon(12:00), period(12.00), or nothing(1200)
  • Will automatically default to AM - use P to indicate PM(1200p)

24 Hour Format -

  • To separate hours from minutes -  colon(12:00), period(13.00), or nothing(1400)


Another time shortcut that exists is the use of the (-) an (+) signs to indicate 'minutes ago' and 'minutes from now'. For example:

2 Digit Format - (2 digit format indicates the total minutes; any additional digits indicate hours)

  • +30  is thirty minutes from now
  • -90   is ninety minutes ago

3 & 4 Digit Format - (the last 2 digits indicate minutes; preceding digit(s) indicate hours)

  • +145  is one hour and forty five minutes from now
  • -1015  is ten hours and fifteen minutes ago

To learn more about time saving tips, please contact your trainer.