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Profit Tools, Inc., America's intermodal trucking software leader, is a truly unique company that caters to the real needs of intermodal and multi-modal trucking operations. In this new intermodal trucking blog, we would like to highlight the small victories that have collectively brought Profit Tools, Inc. to where we are today. We will take a look at select software features and enhancements that have been developed over the years; many of these resulting from direct customer requests. Some features and enhancements have a far reaching effect, while others may have a smaller impact. By joining in the journey, you can then begin to understand how flexible Profit Tools, Inc. truly is, and how we may be able to provide your intermodal trucking operation with a unique solution.

Let's get started by looking back to 2009. A few of our customers used a specific billing format within their Quickbooks accounting package, which meant they had to manually import AR reports into Quickbooks. The billing structure within Quickbooks was set up as 'Company:SubCompany', a format not previously supported by the Profit Tools, Inc. direct interface. They wanted the ability to directly interface their AR files from Profit Tools, Inc. into Quickbooks, eliminating the manual export/import process. To make this happen, Profit Tools, Inc. changed the structure of the direct interface file format so that it could be received by their Quickbooks accounting software. Within 60 days, this new functionality was available to the requesting customers, and this new feature was added to the subsequent Profit Tools, Inc. releases. Our development team has since added additional flexibility to interface with other professional and leading off-the-shelf accounting systems, enabling you to keep the accounting solution you know and trust, eliminating double entry and after-the-fact revenue coding.

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