Intermodal Transportation Management Software

When is the last time you took a car for a test drive? Have you ever considered a test drive for transportation software? Well, that's what DX-Logistics did when they took the Profit Tools Invoice Transfer module on a 'test drive'.

Ashley Reed, office manager at DX-Logistics was spending at least three hours a day processing customer billing. For each customer, she was saving the invoice and POD as a PDF, attaching the PDFs to an email, and then sending them out to the customers. The time being spent on this process was preventing Ashley from performing other necessary AR and AP functions.

Jesse Svoboda, Vice President of DX-Logistics, recognized the wasted time being spent during the billing process. He decided to discuss the situation with Profit Tools, their long time transportation software provider. After speaking to one of our customer relationship specialists about their needs, it was determined that DX-Logistics should try out the Invoice Transfer module for a 30 day trial. This module is designed to automatically email invoices and associated back-up documentation to specified customers during the billing process.

"We recently had the Invoice Transfer module added, and so far, we are absolutely delighted with this feature and its ability to save us time."
Jesse Svoboda, Vice President, DX-Logistics

Not long after the install, Ashley was processing about 40-50 customer bills a day, while saving at least two hours each day on billing. Instead of manually processing all those customer invoices and PODs, she now simply receives notification that the specified information was sent, with no additional action needed. Ashley now has the additional time to properly focus on the other AR and AP activities that are needed.

"In a word, the impact that Invoice Transfer has had on the billing role has been 'dramatic'. Ashley has probably saved two hours per day!"
Jesse Svoboda, Vice President, DX-Logistics

Jesse was so pleased with the time saving abilities of Invoice Transfer that he decided to purchase the module. Ashley had already set-up 2/3 of their customer base to receive Invoice Transfer documents, and is now converting the remainder of accounts. According to Jesse, "The upgrade (to Invoice Transfer) has easily paid for itself through the time Ashley has saved during the billing process."

Did you know that current Profit Tools customers can have a 30 day 'Test Drive' of any of our modules? Try out a module, determine the value to your business, and then decide whether or not to purchase. For a complete list of available modules, and to learn more about Profit Tools transportation software, visit our website and select the Products heading. If you have any questions regarding any of these modules, please don't hesitate to contact your trainer, or email