Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1) Need a fast way to find a container on an active shipment? Select the "SHIPMENT" icon at the top of the screen.  In the selection box, enter the first few characters of the container number you are looking for.  Striking the the down arrow key on your keyboard will provide a list of all active shipments that begin with the characters entered  (see below).  For additional information on shortcuts within the Profit Tools system, please contact your trainer.

2) Profit Tools can produce your e-manifest, required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, when using the ACE integration module.  As you enter driver information into your Profit Tools employee record list, simply include the additional fields (see below), Sex, Nationality, FAST ID, and ACE ID.  Once a listed driver is dispatched, the required e-manifest can be produced through your Profit Tools system when adding a customs event to the itinerary.  Please contact us for more information about the ACE integration module.
3) The latest webinar from 7/19/2012, "Customizing Profit Tools for your operation - Tag Map",  is now available for our SUS customers on our training video web page.  Please contact support if you have any additional questions.