Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Did you know that your Profit Tools transportation software has an advanced sort function within the Shipment Summary screen ?

This function gives users the ability to sort shipment information by as many parameters as necessary, among potentially hundreds of individual shipments. When viewing the Shipment Summary window, simply hover your mouse over the Shipment Summary header area, and right click.


From the dropdown list, select 'Sort...' to reveal a 'Sort items by' selection box. Choose the desired sort field from the drop down box. Select 'Add' for each additional sort parameter desired. Select 'OK' to confirm selections, and view the sorted shipment summary screen.

The advanced sort function can help you locate a shipment from the summary list when only some of the shipment information is known.

As a reminder...

Your Profit Tools software has a built in Help File/System Manual that is continuously updated with new features and benefits. Simply type a subject or word into the search bar and select 'List Topics' to reveal a comprehensive list of all related topics, along with detailed instructions.

If you would like to learn more about the Shipment Summary screen or Help File functionality, please Contact your trainer.