Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Are you aware of all the email notification options available in your Profit Tools system? With multiple types of email messages available, we thought it would be nice to review the details.

1) First, let's review the types of message templates available:

  • New Shipment - This automatic email notifications is sent when a new shipment is created. The company contacts specified can receive notification emails regarding the new shipment creation. In addition, this email can also be sent manually.
  • LFD Notification - This is a manual report generated by the report viewer to produce a Last Free Date report on intermodal equipment.
  • Event Confirmation - When customers want additional details or more frequent updates, they can receive automatic confirmation emails. Profit Tools can be configured to send emails to customers when events in the customer’s shipment are confirmed complete. Details like scheduled and actual times can be included in the email message, showing your on time arrival. This email may also be sent manually.
  • Accessorial Notification - This notification is sent automatically to the bill to party contacts when the specified accessorial charge amount type is added to the shipment. This report also can be sent manually.

2) Second, we will review how to set-up the message templates:

  • Open the Notification Setup window by clicking the System menu, then Setup, then Notification Setup.
  • Click on the blue word Subject to modify the default subject line. The custom subject line can include shipment Tags.
  • Click the OK button to save the changes. Changes must be saved before taking effect, as well as starting the Email Notification Service.

3) Third, let's looks at how to send a manual notification to a customer to update shipment information.

  • While in the shipment screen, select 'Notification'.
  • Next you will select which company to be notified, along with the desired email template. Here you may change the default template, add/remove companies to be notified, and add additional email contacts.
  • To change the default email template, select 'Change" at the bottom of the Notification box. This will bring up the templates file for you to choose the desired template.
  • Finally, select 'Send Now' to immediately send a manual shipment notification.



If you would like additional information about shipment notification options, please email your trainer, or call the office at 603-659-3822.