Intermodal Transportation Management Software

When processing your periodic deductions within the Settlement Batch Manager module...
it is always a good idea to click the Batch Manager 'Refresh' button immediately before processing periodic deductions.  If Batch Manager is in use by multiple users, and one user changes information just prior to another user processing periodic deductions on the another screen, the system will not save your changes. By following this BMP, you will ensure that the screen you are processing periodic deductions on has the most current data.

To learn more about processing periodic deductions or any other Batch Manager processes, please contact your trainer.

Curious about the Settlements Module, and how it can help your operations?
The Settlements Module is a comprehensive payroll management tool designed to link historical driver information to your accounting system. By using information from the Profit Tools’ Dispatch system, Settlements provides the ability to automatically calculate specific pay rates and amounts based on previously established company defined criteria for specific work periods and specific entities (company drivers and owner operators). Some drivers may get paid by mileage, other are paid by percent of revenue and/or the number of drops or hooks, others may be paid from point to point, hourly, and still others are paid by a percent of revenue less the dray.  Through a series of system-designated formulas, Settlements is capable of calculating these payments from information contained in its dispatch system. By incorporating Settlements into a company’s third party payment and payroll processes, significant savings can be attained from reduced administrative costs and potential mistakes.

To learn more about the Settlements Module functionality, and how it would apply to your operation, be sure to contact your trainer.