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Lee NH, December 30, 2014— Profit Tools ( intermodal trucking software is enjoying a great year, with more than 10% growth in new customers. This brings the total to over 315 intermodal trucking companies and 2,500 users. In all, Profit Tools intermodal trucking software is used to manage more than 9 million orders, $4 billion in billings and more than 13,000 trucks.

During 2014, Profit Tools has seen a 300% increase in implementations of its container Track and Trace software. A major reason for this rapid growth is the software’s ability to execute comprehensive, automatic container tracking, thus eliminating the need for manual searches of multiple websites for ocean and rail container availability. Profit Tools DiSC Mobile Digital Signature Capture also realized strong growth during the year with more than 1,800 drivers from intermodal trucking companies using the solution for electronic instant proof of delivery.

2014 marks the year that Profit Tools added an additional 22 EDI trading partners, bringing the total to more than 65, including IMC’s, ocean carriers, expeditors, shippers and forwarders. EDI allows customers to accept and send data directly to trading partners instead of posting manually.

At the IANA show this year, Profit Tools introduced the very first business intelligence solution designed specifically for intermodal trucking.  They also added mobile communications partner Geotab, integrating Geotab GPS data with Profit Tools intermodal trucking software. This allows intermodal trucking companies to know where their trucks are at all times.

“Every year brings more intermodal trucking companies to Profit Tools. 2014 has been a particularly strong year for us, said Brian K. Widell, CEO of Profit Tools. “We have also been able to capitalize on the growing need for business intelligence with our new BI tool which is enjoying early adoption from several companies and is getting tremendous reviews,” he said.

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About Profit Tools Intermodal Trucking Software

Profit Tools, Inc. is the innovative leader in Intermodal Trucking Software Solutions. More than 300 intermodal trucking companies rely on Profit Tools Intermodal Software every day to streamline operations, increase profit and gain a competitive advantage. Profit Tools Operations Management platform allows intermodal trucking companies to automate operations, dispatch, billing and customer service. More than 20 optional modules enable users to customize the software to specific needs such as comprehensive Business Intelligence, Container Tracing, Instant Proof of Delivery and Chassis Auditing. Profit Tools modular approach also allows customers to expand their Intermodal Software capabilities as their business expands.  For more information about Profit Tools, visit or call 603-659-3822.