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UNH Career Fair - Profit Tools

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, Profit Tools joined more than 130 employers exhibiting at the Fall 2013, University of New Hampshire (UNH) career & internship fair. Welcoming the students at the Profit Tools booth was Brian K. Widell (President), Laura Everhart (Marketing Coordinator), and former UNH graduate, David DeLaRosa (Development).


Brian Widell & Davis DeLaRosa - Profit Tools

Over 1,000 undergrads visited the fair, all searching for the right opportunity to kick start their career. While interacting with the students, we were proud to point out that 100% of our development team graduated from UNH. This gives the developers a true sense of pride and camaraderie that manifests itself in the quality programming that they turn out, day after day.


Laura Everhart & Wild E. Cat

Profit Tools was also showcasing our involvement in the Challenge Grant incentive program, designed to help repay federal student loans for New Hampshire college graduates. Profit Tools is one of the six original participating organizations to offer this financial assistance program throughout New Hampshire. As a matter of fact, just this year, Laura and David were both proud recipients of this incentive program offered through Profit Tools.

Since the Profit Tools headquarters is within 10 miles of the UNH campus, it is clear to see that we will continue to have a steady stream of the brightest and most exceptional interns and employees available for future recruitment efforts!

To learn more about the Challenge Grant program, visit the Profit Tools Careers page. Also, we would love for you to "Follow" us on Facebook.