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Lee NH, July 21, 2014—Profit Tools (, the innovative leader in Intermodal Trucking Software Solutions is proving its business value every single day across America by helping trucking companies save time, reduce costs and grow revenue.

For example, with Profit Tools Intermodal Trucking Solutions, DX Logistics saves 15 to 20 hours each week. Ten of those hours are saved because they use Profit Tools Invoice Transfer which lets them FTP or email invoices and backup documents to customers. This saves time, printing and postage, and also improves cash flow and turnaround time. They save another 5 to 10 hours per week making and receiving customer calls for updates on shipment status with active T.R.A.C. which makes all of their Profit Tools shipment data available to their customers online in real-time.

V-ANN Trucking Inc. installed Profit Tools Intermodal Trucking Software 8 years ago. Within the first 4 years, they doubled their revenue and more than doubled their driver-to-dispatch ratio. Hunter Transportation Company has grown their business by almost 100% since they installed Profit Tools Intermodal Trucking Software.

S&J Transportation has reduced driver inbound calls by 80% using Profit Tools Mobile Communications module, which helps them leverage their investment in onboard technology by linking in-cab devices directly to dispatch and customer service operations. They also use it to send routing and load information to drivers directly from dispatch, without re-keying the information. At the same time, it receives confirmations from drivers. The Mobile Communications module also makes selected in-cab data available to customers automatically. In addition, S&J saves about $5,200 annually using Profit Tools Invoice Transfer.

All of these companies have been relying on Profit Tools Intermodal Trucking Software for 6 years or more to help them become more streamlined, competitive and profitable while also increasing customer satisfaction. “Our mission is to provide all of our Intermodal Trucking Software customers with real and tangible benefits year over year, along with rapid ROI,” said Brian K. Widell, President of Profit Tools. “As a result, we’ve been rewarded with rapid growth and increased sales.” To date, Profit Tools has more than 300 intermodal trucking company clients who benefit from Profit Tools trucking software that automates their operations, dispatch and billing, and provides additional capabilities through 20 optional Intermodal Trucking Software modules that can be customized to meet specific requirements.

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About Profit Tools Intermodal Trucking Software

Over 300 Intermodal trucking companies rely on Profit Tools Intermodal Software to make their companies more streamlined, more profitable and more competitive. The Operations Management platform of Profit Tools allows intermodal trucking companies to automate operations, dispatch and billing, while more than 20 optional modules enable users to customize the software to specific needs, such as comprehensive Chassis Tracking, Instant Proof of Delivery and Container Tracing. For more information about Profit Tools, visit