Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Every intermodal trucking operation has unique processes that help them run smoothly. Accommodating for those processes requires an intermodal software provider that is flexible. This is where Profit Tools Intermodal Software Customization is extremely beneficial. In a recent request to Profit Tools, Joel Sinay, Owner of Coast to Coast Carriers, Brooklyn, NY, approached us about creating a specialized report.

Primarily an intermodal brokerage company, Coast to Coast Carriers pledge is 'on-time delivery'.  In an effort to make it easier for his dispatchers to see if shipments have been scheduled and what action needs to be taken on the shipments; he wanted specific shipment information compiled into a report and auto-emailed to the dispatchers every two hours.

Following a discussion with our Profit Tools report specialist, it was determined that the specific shipment information would be more useful integrated into a custom internal screen. This integrated screen updates automatically, enabling Joel and his dispatchers to see the specific information they are after 'at a glance', and quickly determine what actions need to be taken.

"We are able to see right away if (a shipment) was scheduled or not...If I see that something wasn't scheduled, I will do it right away!"
Esther Schwartz, Coast to Coast Carriers, Inc.

After implementing the new customized screen, the dispatchers reported that their intermodal shipments were being scheduled much faster, and delivering the "best customer service possible".

"If a customer calls in to say that they haven't received their BOL, I know right away if I emailed or faxed it yet."
Esther Schwartz, Coast to Coast Carriers, Inc.

Many of our customers have great ideas that they would like to implement in order to service their unique customer needs. We welcome these great ideas, and work with our customers to make them a reality. No request is too small for our undivided attention. That is the Profit Tools difference!

"Whenever I am in need of a trainer or tech support I will get (Profit Tools) undivided attention within the hour!...Profit Tools is always there to help me out...I highly recommend Profit Tools to any trucking / brokerage company. They are extremely organized and easy to work with."
Esther Schwartz, Coast to Coast Carriers, Inc.

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