Intermodal Transportation Management Software

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Profit Tools intermodal trucking software understands how important it is to know where your intermodal containers are at all times, even before you pick them up. In an earlier version of Profit Tools, the convenience to trace intermodal containers through the Profit Tools Track & Trace­™ module was simplified using 'right-click' functionality. This was a huge time saver for customers using the Track & Trace­™ intermodal container module. Rather than having the to log-in through a separate container tracking screen, and input duplicate container information, the functionality was built in to these standard screens, eliminating repetitive action.

Over time, Profit Tools developed "quick view" screen options, now known as Dynamic Dashboard™, to consolidate important intermodal dispatch and container information into one place. Many of our customers began to favor the new Dynamic Dashboard™ screen options, however, at that time the new screens did not have the same 'right-click' functionality for posting and tracing containers to the Track & Trace™ module that our customers had become accustomed to. Profit Tools quickly recognized the need to add this feature to the Dynamic Dashboard™ screen options, and had it ready to include in the subsequent release. To Profit Tools, even the smallest enhancements can make a difference when focusing on maximizing operational time management. Just another way Profit Tools helps make your reality better!

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